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Senior Pet Care

We want to protect the special bond you have formed with your companion over the years. As pets enter the golden years, their immune system weakens, making them more vulnerable to illness, disease, and parasites. To keep your senior pet happy and healthy, we strongly recommend semi-annual visits. This allows us to closely monitor health changes such as weight loss, high blood pressure, dental disease, cataracts, glaucoma, arthritis, cancer, and various other conditions, as well as prevent disease progression.

Care For Your Senior Pet

At South Kendall Animal Hospital, it is our goal to keep your senior pets happy, healthy, and comfortable during the later period of their life. Whether your pet has an age-related disease and needs screening, or needs help managing pain for common issues like arthritis, our team is there for both you and your pet during this time.

As your pet enters their senior years, it’s important to bring them in for wellness exams twice per year (rather than once per year). Pets age a lot faster than humans, and these twice-annual check-ups can help us identify any concerns and catch issues early before they become serious or life-threatening. If our team does discover potential health issues in your pet, we will work to make an accurate diagnosis and will determine a treatment plan appropriate for your pet’s age and lifestyle.

Bloodwork: Blood tests are important in determining the health of your aging pet, especially organ functions and other areas of health and fitness. In some cases, we will administer blood tests on a before/after basis in order to see how your pet is responding to changes in diet behavior, and treatment.

Urinalysis: Analyzing your pet’s urine samples is a great way to prevent future health issues. Conducting regular urine tests as part of your senior pet’s wellness exam may allow our veterinarian to catch diseases or infections early enough to treat them.  

Diagnostic Imaging: Ultrasound and radiology are diagnostic tools which allows our team to find out more about your pet than we could in a physical examination. Both of these tools allows us to get high-resolution images of the systems and internal organs of your pet’s body, which can be significant in looking for issues, assessing health and determining effective treatment options.


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