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Full Service Veterinary Clinic

South Kendall Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary clinic, offering services such as pet wellness and preventative care, dental cleanings, spay/neuter surgeries, puppy/kitten care, senior pet care, surgical services, and more. Conveniently located next to Route 1 in Miami-Dade County, our team at South Kendall Animal Hospital is proud to serve the pets of the Miami, FL area.

Preventative Care

Preventative care is essential to your pet’s overall health and happiness. Pets can experience significant health changes in as little as six months. For this reason, regular wellness exams are encouraged. Depending on age and health conditions, your companion will benefit from annual or semi-annual wellness exams to maintain health and prevent disease. This gives us more treatment options and a greater likelihood for treatment success. Not to mention the potential for lower treatment costs!

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Diagnostic Care

Pets cannot tell you what hurts. Without diagnostic testing, countless conditions may go undetected. South Kendall Animal Hospital utilizes a wide range of diagnostic services to most accurately diagnose your pet’s complete health. Highly trained Certified Veterinary Technicians work in the lab on a daily basis to quickly and accurately analyze and return test results. Faster diagnoses allows treatment to begin sooner! We commonly perform bloodwork, urinalysis, fecal exams, skin scrapings, and much more!

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Veterinary Pet Surgery

South Kendall Animal Hospital offers general and specialized surgical procedures. We understand that surgery can be stressful, but we guarantee safety and comfort for your pet. Our veterinary surgeons and technicians are trained to provide only the highest quality of care. We rigorously monitor anesthesia and cardiovascular functioning at all times. Prior to surgery, we will perform a physical exam and pre-surgical bloodwork to ensure your pet is healthy enough for surgery.

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Pet Dental Services

Dental health is vital to overall health. Yet it is estimated that over 80% of dogs and 70% of cats develop dental disease by 3 years of age. To maintain not only a hygienic and healthy mouth, but prevent the spread of harmful oral bacteria to the rest of the body, we recommend a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment (commonly referred to a "professional veterinary dental cleaning") once or twice a year.

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Puppy & Kitten Care

We want to give your new pet the healthiest and happiest start in life! Puppies and kittens are cute and exciting, but they need an abundance of care and attention. Staying up-to-date on wellness exams, vaccinations, and diagnostic testing is crucial! At your initial visit, we will explain the importance of additional services such as spay-neuter procedure and microchip implantation. You will also receive information on the importance of parasite prevention as well as your first month of heartworm prevention on us.

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Senior Pet Care

We want to protect the special bond you have formed with your companion over the years. As pets enter the golden years, their immune system weakens, making them more vulnerable to illness, disease, and parasites. To keep your senior pet happy and healthy, we strongly recommend semi-annual visits. This allows us to closely monitor health changes such as weight loss, high blood pressure, dental disease, cataracts, glaucoma, arthritis, cancer, and various other conditions, as well as prevent disease progression.

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Located Southwest of Downtown Miami, directly off of U.S. Route 1. We are right below the Palmetto Golf Course.

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