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Robert T. Pane, DVM

Dr. Robert T. Pane has been with South Kendall Animal Hospital since 1977.

Originally from the upstate New York town of North Tonawanda, Dr. Pane says that his youth involved working at a local dairy farm, and then, as a kennel assistant at a local veterinary hospital, where eight years later, he was hired as an associate veterinarian. However, he says the earliest influence guiding him toward a veterinary career was the German shepherd he raised from a pup. The unconditional love and friendship of this first pet provided many wonderful days, but also helped him work through the loss of his older brother.

For his undergraduate studies, Dr. Pane attended the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he majored in Biology and was inducted into the Freshman Honor Society. After being given early admission to veterinary school, Dr. Pane enrolled in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in 1971 and received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1975. He also holds certification in Stem Cell Therapy and K-Laser Therapeutic Laser.

Dr. Pane's areas of special professional interest include dentistry, surgery, exotic animal medicine, and dermatology. He is also a member of a number of professional organizations, which include the American Veterinary Medical Association, South Florida Veterinary Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association, Association of Avian Veterinarians, Florida Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Feline Practitioners, American Veterinary Dental Society, American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology, American Ferret Association, American Heartworm Society, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians, Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, Association of Veterinary Family Practice, and the Association of Sugar Glider Veterinarians.

Sheila Marie Faulkner, BVMS MRCVS

Dr. Sheila Marie Faulkner is an Associate Veterinarian who has been with South Kendall Animal Hospital since July 2011.

Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dr. Faulkner says she was influenced to become a veterinarian after watching a veterinarian perform a C-section on a cow at a farm in Belgium, when she was 3-years-old. Now that she is a veterinarian, she says, "I enjoy being able to strengthen the human/animal bond and being able to connect with my clients by the shared love of animals. I also love having the opportunity to interact with children when they bring their pets in, and being able to teach them how to best care for their pet. It is a great feeling when they leave the consult knowing something new that will make them better pet owners."

For her undergraduate studies, Dr. Faulkner attended the University of Puerto Rico where she received a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2003. After spending a few years working as a veterinary technician, she enrolled in the University of Glasgow's School of Veterinary Medicine in Scotland and received a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery in 2011, which is the Scottish equivalent of a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in the United States.

Dr. Faulkner's areas of special professional interest include internal medicine and critical care and emergency medicine. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, South Florida Veterinary Medical Association, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and the British Veterinary Association. She is also fluent in Spanish and English with knowledge in French and Portugese.

Dr. Faulkner and her husband, Padraig "Podge," a carpenter, have two mutts named Nessie and Renzo, both rescues. Her interests include travel, cooking, spending time outdoors with her husband and dogs, and taking long drives to discover all that South Florida has to offer.

Theresa Weir, DVM

Dr. Theresa Weir is a Senior Associate Veterinarian who has been with South Kendall Animal Hospital since 2007.

A native of Grand Ledge, Michigan, Dr. Weir says that she has had a lifetime love of animals and enjoys interacting with our clients, building relationships and educating pet owners, in order to help them provide better homes for their companion animals.

Dr. Weir attended Michigan State University, and then transferred to the University of Northern Michigan to continue her undergraduate studies in Biology. After receiving early admission to veterinary school, she enrolled in Purdue University's School of Veterinary Medicine and received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2007.

Dr. Weir's areas of special professional interest include feline medicine and surgery. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, South Florida Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Dr. Weir and her husband, Bryon Pruett, a Miami-Dade Firefighter, have a young son named Finn. Their pets include two cats, named Lily and Shu, and a dog named Dohle adopted from the Tippecanoe County Humane Society. Her interests include spending time with family and stand up paddle boarding.

John Shin, DVM

A Canadian native, Dr. John Shin earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Ontario Veterinary College in 2013. While earning his degree, Dr. Shin completed an externship in British Columbia at a high-volume clinic where he performed surgical procedures, devised treatment plans and managed emergency cases. He also has unique volunteer experience in Thailand in shelter settings and treating elephants.

After graduation, Dr. Shin practiced at a one-DVM clinic before joining a multi-doctor team at a high-end and modern veterinary facility, each practice located in Ontario. In recent years, he volunteered with an organization whose mission is to help homeless pet owners provide their pets with the best veterinary care available. He also performed spay/neuter procedure at a local humane society as part of their trap, neuter and release program.

In his free time, Dr. Shin enjoys playing team sports and going on rock climbing adventures all over the world.

Sandra Paola Jutte, DVM

Dr. S. Paola Jutte joined the team at South Kendall Animal Hospital in November 2016 as an Associate Veterinarian.

Born and raised in Bolivia, Dr. Jutte knew she wanted to be a veterinarian since a young age. Her first pet Cony, a sweet German Shepherd, required intensive treatment for Leishmaniosis, which reinforced her passion and pursuit to make veterinary medicine her profession. Today, Dr. Jutte has practiced high-quality veterinary medicine for twenty years in Bolivia and the United States.

In 1998, Dr. Jutte earned her degree in veterinary medicine from Universidad Tecnica del Beni-Bolivia. Following graduation, Dr. Jutte was veterinarian and owner of My Pet Doctor Veterinary Clinic in Bolivia where she handled both clinical and administrative duties. She relocated to the United States in 2001, and has lived in a handful of states including Arizona, Indiana, Virginia, and Florida. In June 2007, Dr. Jutte earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and completed the Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates Certification at Purdue University. Most recently, she spent eight years providing exceptional services at Banfield Pet Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia.

Dr. Jutte has professional interests in preventive medicine, dentistry, general surgery, and dermatology. Recognized as an enthusiastic and committed veterinary professional, Dr. Jutte believes every pet deserves extraordinary patient care. She also believes in the power of open, client communication and client education in keeping pets happy and healthy for a lifetime. She is fluent in Spanish and English.

A photographer and explorer at heart, she enjoys traveling the world and experiencing new cultures. Dr. Jutte and her husband share a home with three dogs, Duna, Sophie, and Hennesy, a cat, Gatela, and a pair of Cockatiels.